ICM provides “an immediate response to basic human needs.” For 150-200 families and individuals each day (over 135,000 individuals in 2016), this means:

  • A food box
  • A change of clothes and shoes
  • Shampoo, soap and other toiletries
  • Food stamp sign-up (AHCCCS applications and renewals)
  • Baby formula & diapers
  • Nutrition bags for small children

Another service we provide is referrals for those clients who are having problems with housing, employment, disability or social security payments, food stamps and other life’s necessities.

Through your donations you’ve helped us help these individuals

Martha came to the office to get her blood pressure checked as she waited for food. She told the volunteer Physician’s Assistant that she has a pace maker, and has other health issues. Roberta lost her job because of medical issues, and at 40 years old, she has two children to support. ICM was able to provide a listening ear to Martha that day, meet her food needs, check her vital health issues, and also provide some information about job fairs.

James is a single man who is looking for work after prison. He’s had a hard time finding a job after his release. ICM provided him with food, dishes and linens for a new apartment, and a connection to a jobs program in the neighborhood.   James also received clothing to wear to his first interview!

Joanna is an elderly grandmother who recently received custody of two of her grandchildren. She has been living on $500 a month from her social security payment, and that amount of money hardly pays her rent, much less allows for food purchase or the provision of things for her grandchildren.  ICM was able to put Joanna in touch with a program for grandparents raising grandchildren, and assure her that we will be in her future for food and clothing needs for her and her little ones.

For a printable ICM Service flyer click here.