Charitable Tax Credit

Arizona provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to organizations that serve the working poor. The allowable tax credit for charitable contributions to a Qualifying Charitable Organization, such as ICM, is $400 for an individual or head of household and $800 for a married couple filing jointly.

Gifts made to a qualifying foster care agency and/or schools are in addition to the Charitable Tax Credit.

In addition to the benefit of the tax credit, your gifts go to:

1. Provide clothing for low-income families.  2.  Create food boxes to give someone a boost during a difficult time; 3. Provide toiletries, household items and a helping hand for the working poor.

Donate Today

ICM’s QCO code is 20385.

Tax ID: 86-0401223.

Help us feed and clothe more families throughout the Valley! ICM provides
an immediate response to basic human needs for anyone who enters our doors – more than 26,000 families last year! Our customers are “working-poor” families or seniors who make well below the federal poverty level ($25,000 for a family of four) and need the extra assistance.

Q: If I donate to my child’s school, can I still donate to ICM? Yes, you can take the Charitable Tax Credit in addition to other credits, like schools or foster care agencies.

Q: Can I donate items like food & clothing and take the credit? No, the tax credit only applies to monetary donations.

Q: Do I have to donate the whole amount a one time? No, you can donate all at once or spread your gift over a period of months up until tax day in April, you will receive a receipt of your gift from ICM.   Amounts lower than $400/$800 also qualify, so a $100 gift qualifies you for a $100 tax credit on your state taxes, lowering your final amount owed.

Q: Do I have to itemize?  No, you no longer have to itemize to receive an Arizona State Tax Credit.

Thank you for your support!